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Beijing massage will lead you into ambiance, your thoughts and worries disappear, time dissolves. You will enter into a state of complete oblivion. Here you will have an opportunity to deepen & surrender into pleasure and bliss, you will connect with your deepest, innermost, essential, divine, authentic self. Closing the gates to the rest of the world behind you, you are welcomed by a vision of beauty. Her seductive eyes and elegantly sensual demeanour welcome you. You enter your Sacred Space, you feel calm and serenity surround you, your entire soul will feel the the touch of sensuality.

We provide Tantric massage in beijing. Enjoy the most sensual, exquisite massage experience in beijing.

Welcome to beijing massage of Tantric Love and Healing
Discover a whole new depth to your sexuality.
Understand how it influences your health and longevity.
Overcome sexual problems & complexes.
Be considered as an attentive lover for by partner.
Enjoy & share the immense bliss that is available to you in every moment.
Experience more love, deep & enhanced pleasure.

Tantra is about sexual energy; helping you to learn a completely different way of dealing with your energy which very often has disturbing powers. Tantra is a profound emotional and sensual therapy. Use the secret techniques of Tantric massage for heightening and prolonging sexual pleasure. Heal wounded sexuality for increased power, vitality and longevity.

Tantra Massage beijingAll our Tantric Goddesses are qualified and experienced, to ensure the best Tantric experience with us. Our therapists have received extensive training in Tantra - Tantric Massage - Sensual Massage - Erotic Massage - Nude Body to Body Massage - Prostate Massage - Lingam Massage - Yoni Massage - as well as their individual skills, qualifications and experience. Whilst each therapist follows the Tantric path, each session is carefully created to meet the individual client's needs.

Our Goddesses embody the true image of beauty; their passion for the Tantra and warm energy will make you melt. In the art of a Nude Body to Body Massage you'll surrender your entire being before beautiful nude tantric Goddesses.

As you prepare to indulge in this new experience, you can let your daily anxieties float away. You'll feel the warm oil seeping down your body, the warmth of her breathe as her soft body gently presses against yours. Your sensual senses will be aroused; you will discover the intense fire amid your centre just waiting to be ignited. That is your sexual energy; here we invite you to explore the energetic exchange between love partners.

Tantric Massage

You can experience our Tantric Massage and Nude Massage; discover secret methods to help prolong your pleasure. Our Naturist Tantric Massage will nourish your body, mind and spirit, no matter what your age, religion, marital status or profession.

Our Full Body Tantric Massage will take you to a whole other dimension. The session includes-
Tantric full body worship;
Nude body to body massage;
Sensual & Erotic massage;
Tantra Ejaculation Control

Enter our sacred space and explore a world of secret pleasure. We aim to create an inner and outer atmosphere for you to practice Tantra at your own pace, from simply taking a deep breath and remembering your motivation, to liberating your inner lover and reaching new realms of sensual and sexual awareness.

Out-Call Tantric Massage Services are available from Monday - Saturday, either in your beijing hotel room or your comfortable central beijing apartment. (Please go to our Out-Call Massage page for more details).

Unique Sessions in our tantric temple:

Tantric Massage

Triple Goddesses Session

Enjoy the ultimate in indulgence. Have pleasure with three skilled Goddesses, their six heavenly hands and thirty tantalising fingers massaging your entire body and soul. The sacred ceremony and male sacred spot is performed by three beautiful, delightful angels at the same time. There is nothing more beautiful and erotic than three women sharing Shakti energy with each other and you. You will experience an authentic tantric God's worship ritual.

N A M A S T A!


Sensual Massage

Tantric Massage

Erotic Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

Sensual Massage

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