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Tantric Massage beijing


Our Tantric Massage is designed to give you the Ultimate Taste of Tantra.

What is Tantra?

Tantric Massage beijing The word 'Tantra' means 'expansion, waving and awareness.' It is an ancient Eastern philosophy that sexuality and spirituality are the doorway to ecstasy, creation, healing and enlightenment. Tantra was born in India around 5000 BC through the sacred union of the Hindu God Shiva; pure 'Consciousness' and his consort, the goddess Shakti; pure 'Energy.'

Understanding Tantra

Nowadays we live in a world of desire. We often become victims of what we desire, which is influenced by lots of martial demand. Fulfilling our desires make money for someone else. Obviously we all need to survive, so money is energy too. But everything in this universe is about balance. When we get out of balance we start to have problems. This results in illness, sleeplessness, sluggishness, distraction and many other unwanted conditions including unsatisfactory sexual performance.

Modern Tantra is about finding the right balance; to feel it clearly and live in a sense of balance all the time. It is a way of life; expanding your vision to enjoy existence with gratitude and acceptance, waving kind, beautiful, loving energy, into the world and awareness of everything happening with yourself and others.

Tantra works very closely with the bodies Chakras. Chakras are the energies which centre the body within, occurring along the mid-line of the body, within the auric field. These energies are visualised as spinning wheels or vortexes of light and colour. Chakras are centres of energy that relate to each of our body's systems and organs. There are 7 major energy centres located in specific areas of our body. It is important to recognize them and keep them in line to keep us energetically balanced.

Morden Tantra allows us to be fully present in each moment, to enter deeply into the simplest of sensory experiences, in order to contact our essence, the universe within. This is why Tantra describes the senses as the gateways to Spirit.

Tantra as a Path of Healing

Tantra beijing Tantra is a path of contact; through intimate contact we can see ourselves more clearly. Tantra can mean many things to different people and its significance to one individual may evolve and change over time. The techniques in Tantra are many and varied. They may consist of anything from passionate lovemaking with your partner to silent meditation alone. Each is an opportunity for getting to know yourself more deeply and to recognise your deeper, ecstatic potential.

Tantric massage aims to achieve bliss, pleasure, personal and spiritual growth and enjoyment. The Tantric aim is to sublimate rather than to negate relative reality. This process of sublimation consists of three phases: purification, elevation, and the reaffirmation of identity on the plane of pure consciousness.

Tantra is the path which puts sexuality in its rightful place; recreating the missing spiritual dimension of the sexual experience. This practice expands the human consciousness to the greatest extent and considerably enriches the knowledge of man and the Universe.

Our Tantric Massage is created to give you a basic experience of Tantra. Your Goddess will lead you into a sacred place. After sharing a melting hug and eye gazing, she will use her warmth and energy to worship you from head to toe. Her nude female body and powerful feminine energy will caress all over yours.

Tantric teachings offer us a vision of relationship where a man and a woman come together like a king and queen. The king and queen are both full and whole in themselves, joining with each other as a celebration of themselves, and to create even more joy, bliss and ecstasy.

Tantra and the Chakra System

Our physical body is formed from the bones, muscles, organs, blood, nerves and hormones. In a similar fashion, the energy of the body is structured by means of the Chakras. These are seven energy centres that govern the different qualities of being. They are intimately related to our physical structure and functioning and together they form our energetic architecture.

The health of our Chakras reflects the health of our bodies, emotions and spirits. Our seven chakras located in vertical succession, incorporate the whole of our physical body. The ideal in Tantra is for all seven chakras to be functioning at full capacity, so that we are able to celebrate being fully human and simultaneously spiritual.

A healthy Chakra maintains the capacity to open and close in appropriate accordance with will and the circumstances of each moment. Tantric Chakra meditation can help to restore optimum chakra functioning. As we take a look at each of the chakras in turn, you will get a sense of the unique qualities of each one. You'll then be able to begin to sense yourself in terms of your chakras and chakra health. Tantric breathing meditation allows you to connect more deeply and sense of each of the seven Chakras in turn. This is achieved through awareness, breathing, movement and sound.

In Tantra, your pelvic floor muscles, those that encapsulate your genitals and anus, are called the love muscle. If you urinate and stop in mid-flow, you will use these muscles. This physical part of your anatomy is intimately connected with the energetic reality of your first Chakra. The emphasis is not just on building up a strong love muscle but being able to sense or feel this place inside you, and build a relationship with it, from the inside. In doing so, you can vastly increase your genital sensitivity and therefore your capacity to enjoy. You'll also develop a deeper and more connected experience of yourself and of life as a whole.

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